Core Team

Arvind Surange
Chairman and Managing Director (CMD)

Educational Background
Arvind Surange holds a Master's degree in Refrigeration and Air-conditioning Engineering from University of Roorkee in 1963. He completed his Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Roorkee in 1961. He has also done an Advanced training on Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Projects in Germany and Denmark.

Started own consultancy firm in July,1971 and since then have handled consultancy assignments for over four hundred projects of various types including cold stores, precooling and frozen food plants, ice and ice cream plants and dairies, breweries, etc. and comfort / process air-conditioning, air cooling and industrial ventilation systems.Developed the concept of 'Total Project Consultancy' to achieve an integrated approach and economy in project designs in association with architects, structural designers, electrical and other system consultants.Introduced the prefab insulated panel system for large and small cold stores in India. Promoted the concept of waste heat reclaim system on air conditioning and refrigeration plants for generating hot water process utilization. Also encouraged and developed energy saving strip curtains for cold stores air conditioned places.Handled a number of assignments for preparation of project reports, technical appraisals etc. for banks and other clients. Also handled assignments for energy saving and industrial air conditioning and refrigeration installations.

Work Experience
Arvind Surange has worked as a Project Engineer at Air control & Chemical Engineering co. ltd., Bombay from 1963 to 1968. He has designed, planned and executed various types of industrial and comfort air-conditioning refrigeration, humidification and ventilation systems. Handled prestigious projects like Deonar Abattoir, Carcass chilling, Freezing and storage project, Air Conditioning and Ventilation systems for HAL, Nasik and projects for MES etc.Has worked as a Project Manager at Kirloskar Pneumatic co. ltd., Pune from 1968 to 1971. He has handled various projects including designing, planning and execution of various industrial refrigeration and air conditioning projects. These includes cold stores, frozen food plants, dairies, air-conditioning of hotels, offices, theatres, etc.

Membership and Affiliation
  1. Life Member Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers
  2. President, ASHRAE Western India Chapter (1997 - 1998)
  3. National President, ISHRAE (1996 - 1997)
  4. President, Rotary Club of Poona North (1992 - 1993)
  5. Founder President and President Emeritus of ISHRAE Pune Chapter
  6. Life Member, ISHRAE
  7. Past President : ISHRAE Pune Chapter
  8. Chairman, ISHRAE Refrigeration Handbook Committee
  9. Fellow, Institution of Engineers
  10. Registered Chartered Engineer
  11. Member, Association of Friends of Germany
  12. Member, Consultancy Development Center, New Delhi
  13. Member, Energy Resource Group (IE)
  14. Registered on the Technical Panel of State Bank of India, MITCON and other institutions


Harshal Surange

as esteemed speaker at Gujarat Cold Storage Owners Association Seminar in Lonavla