1. India Cold Chain 2015
    Arvind Surange to chair Cold chain session at India Cold Chain 2015 (Dec, 2015)

    Session: Technology Innovations towards Modernisation of Existing & Conventional Cold Stores

  2. World Cold Chain,Singapore
    Carrier invites Harshal Surange to Singapore to attend 2015 World Cold Chain Summit to Reduce Food Waste Conference (Dec, 2015)

    The World Cold Chain Summit was aimed at identifying practical solutions to reducing food loss and waste by expanding and improving the cold chain globally.

  3. India Cold Chain Show 2015
    Arvind Surange and Harshal Surange eminent speakers at India Cold Chain Show 2015, Mumbai (Dec, 2015)

    Arvind served as chairperson for session 'Technology Innovations towards Modernisation of Existing & Conventional Cold Stores' and Harshal spoke on 'Trends toward Up gradation to Multi Commodity Cold Stores, Automation'

  4. India Cold Chain show,  Mumbai
    IIAR forms its first Western India Chapter in India Cold Chain show at Mumbai on 16th Dec 2015 with Harshal Surange serving as its first President (Dec, 2015)

    IIAR, a US based international organization launched its first chapter in India called IIAR Western India Chapter. Harshal Surange was installed as the first President of the chapter at the hands of Mr. Mahendra Swaroop, President of the Federation of Cold Storage Associations in India.

  5. Emerson cup
    Arvind Surange an esteemed judge for the Emerson Cup 2015 (Nov. 2015)

    The Emerson cup rewards outstanding designs and innovations in HVACR industry. After ACR receiving the Emerson cup in 2010, Arvind was called to judge the awards this year. More on

  6. ASHRAE RAL CRC 2015
    Arvind Surange invited to Istanbul, Turkey to ASHRAE RAL CRC 2015 (Oct, 2015)

    Arvind Surange visits Istanbul as ASHRAE Regional Chair, Refrigeration, RAL to attend CRC arranged by ASHRAE Turkish Chapter

  7. NCCD Cemafroid Training Program
    Harshal Surange attends NCCD Cemafroid Training Program 2015 in Paris, France (Oct, 2015)

    Harshal invited by NCCD to attend NCCD Cemafroid Training Program 2015 and represent India Cold Chain in France

  8. Doyen of HVAC&R award
    Arvind Surange honoured with "Doyen of HVAC&R award" by NCRAC (Oct, 2015)

    This was jointly organised by ISHRAE,ASHRAE,IIT Chennai & Rajalaxmi Engineering College,Chennai.

  9. Consultancy Development Centre
    ACR awarded certificate of accreditation as 'Cold Storage & Refrigeration Design (July, 2015)

    Consultants' by 'Consultancy Development Centre (CDC)', a national accreditation body ACR is one the very few consultants in India listed with the CDC in this field.

  10. NCCD
    NCCD appoints Arvind Surange as a Member of Technical Specification, Standards, Test Laboratory and Product Certification Committee (Mar. 2015)

  11. Cold Storage Basics
    'Cold Storage Basics' authored by Arvind Surange released in 4 languages (Feb, 2015)

    At 25 years of ACREX ceremony 'Cold Storage Basics' authored by Arvind released first written in English also released in Marathi, Hindi and Kannada

  12. ISHRAE Refrigeration Handbook
    Arvind and Harshal Surange in author’s team of ISHRAE Refrigeration Handbook (Feb, 2015)

    ISHRAE Refrigeration Handbook 2015 authored by Arvind, Harshal and team and released at ACREX 2015, Bangalore

  13. ISHRAE Lifetime Service Award
    Arvind Surange receives ISHRAE Lifetime Service Award (Feb, 2015)

    At a grand function of ACREX in Bangalore, Arvind was awarded ISHRAE Lifetime Service Award in Cold Chain

  14. Acrex India 2015
    Arvind Surange as esteemed speaker in Acrex India 2015 (Feb, 2015)

    Arvind gives a talk on 'Net Zero Energy Cold Store' at ACREX 2015.
    More on

  15. SHRAE RAL Planning Meeting in Chicago
    Arvind Surange attends ASHRAE RAL Planning Meeting in Chicago as Regional Chain, refrigeration, RAL (Jan, 2015)

    Arvind invited to Chicago by ASHRAE to attend planning meeting for RAL

  16. Gujarat Cold Storage Owners Association Seminar
    Harshal Surange as esteemed speaker at Gujarat Cold Storage Owners Association Seminar in Lonavla (Jan, 2015)

    Harshal gave a talk on 'Modernization of Cold Storages' for Gujarat Cold Storage owners

2011 - 2014

  1. Chairman- Refrigeration Committee,  RAL' of ASHRAE
    Arvind Surange appointed 'Chairman- Refrigeration Committee,  RAL' of ASHRAE (2014)

    Region At Large (RAL), a region including Asia, Africa, Parts of Europe. The chairman-refrigeration committee is newly created position. Arvind is the first person to hold this position.

  2. Udyog Ratna Puraskar
    Arvind Surange honoured by 'Udyog Ratna Puraskar' award by Brahman Samaj in Pune (2014)

    Arvind awarded by Brahman Samaj for his entrepreneurial work in Cold Chain industry

  3. ASHRAE Region At Large CRC 2014
    Arvind Surange invited to ASHRAE Region At Large CRC 2014 in Madrid, Spain (2014)

    Arvind attends RAL CRC in Spain as Regional Chair or Refrigeration, RAL, ASHRAE

  4. Aditi Surange
    Aditi Surange joins ACR Project Consultants as IT Consultant (2013)

    Aditi Surange, who comes from IT industry with 10 years of hand on experience in IT, joined ACR.

  5. ACR
    ACR established as private limited firm from Proprietary firm (2012)

    Arcind Surange to take up the position of CMD in ACR Project Consultants Pvt. Ltd. Harshal Surange appointed CEO and Director.

  6. Refrigeration Committee of ASHRAE, USA
    Arvind Surange appointed as member of "Refrigeration Committee" of ASHRAE, USA for the year 2012-13 (2012)

    The assignment involves sharing in the deliberations of the policy making of ASHRAE related to the field of 'Refrigeration Technology'. Arvind would be attending the Summer & winter meetings of ASHRAE in USA when the committee would meet for the deliberations.

  7. Distinguished Service Award
    Arvind Surange receives Distinguished Service Award in HVAC&R by ISHRAE Mumbai (2011)

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  8. Climate control
    Arvind Surange brings a report on on the development of Cold Storage industry in the country, with special reference to modernisation of its infrastructure (2011)

  9. Emerson Cup
    ACR wins Emerson Cup award 2010 for Retail & Refrigeration Category

    ACR wins Emerson Cup for its project Colour Film Vaults for National Film Archives, Prasar Bharti - All India Radio. More on

2005 - 2010

  1. NFDB
    ACR is now empanelled with NFDB (National Fisheries Development Board) (2010)

    ACR is now Empanelled in the Consultancy Division of NIFTEM (National Institute of Food Technology Entrepreneurship & Management)under the Ministry of Food Processing Industries.

  2. Bry-Air Award
    ACR wins Bry-Air Award for Excellence in System Design the second time (2009)

    Harshal Surange and Sunil Gogate receiving the Bry Air award for System Design for 'Energy Saving in Hospital HVAC System'. ACR received this award for the second time. First was in 2006 when the awards started. More on

  3. Cold Chain Study Tour organized by USTDA
    Harshal Surange selected for The Cold Chain Study Tour organized by United States Trade Development Agency (USTDA) (2009)

    The two week long study tour is fully sponsored by USTDA to help develop modern cold chain facilities in India. The tour covers visit to Arizona, California & other places and would include workshops, visits to modern cold chain facilities, interaction with US cold chain operators & manufacturers etc.

  4. President of ISHRAE Pune Chapter
    Harshal Surange appointed President of ISHRAE Pune chapter for the year 2009-2010 (2009)

    Harshal Surange to served as President of ISHRAE, Pune chapter for the year 2009-2010

  5. Inauguration of ACR Trendz 2009
    Arvind & Harshal Surange at inauguration of ACR Trendz 2009 (2009)

    A 2 day national level seminar on Sustainable Technologies” on Air Conditioning and Cold Chain ACR TrendZ 2009 being organized by ISHRAE(Indian society of Heating Refrigeration & Air-conditioning Engineers), Pune Chapter, in association with ASHRAE Western India & Pune chapters was inaugurated here today

  6. ASHRAE Fellow Award
    ASHRAE Fellow award given to Arvind Surange in Chicago, USA (2008)

    Arvind receives ASHRAE Fellow citation in Chicago USA

  7. Bry Air Award
    ACR wins Bry Air Award for System Design in the first year of the inception of the awards in (2006)

    Arvind Surange receiving Bry Air award in Delhi for project Savla Foods and Cold Storage and design of 'Refrigerant pump recirculation system (overfeed system) for Multipurpose Cold Storage Project designed for multi-level temperature operation'. More on

2001 - 2005

  1. Harshal Surange
    Harshal Surange joins ACR as Senior Consultant (2005)

    After working for 5 years with industry majors like Kirloskar McQuay & Voltas Limited Mumbai in handling HVAC&R project designing & planning. Harshal joins ACR as a Senior Consultant

  2. ASHRAE DL President Ron Vallort
    ASHRAE DL President Ron Vallort’s visit to Pune (2005)

    Arvind welcomes ASHRAE DL President Ron Vallort in Pune at an ASHRAE Western India conference

  3. AWIC Past President
    Arvind Surange recognized as AWIC Past President (2004)

    Arvind recognized at the hands of ASHRAE President Ron Vallort & DRC David Arnolds in Delhi as AWIC Past President

  4. Region At Large
    Arvind Surange at ASHRAE 'Region At Large', Taiwan (2001)

    Arvind attends ASHRAE 'Region At Large' Meeting at Taiwan

1971 - 2000

  1. Yeomen Service Award
    Arvind Surange receives Yeomen service award from ASHRAE Western India Chapter (1999)

    Yeomen service awarded to Arvind for his service rendered to Indian HVAC industry in Mumbai at hands of Mr. Sukhdev Mathandhru

  2. Richard Hayter
    Chartering of ASHRAE Western India Chapter by ASHRAE President Richard Hayter (1996)

    Arvind Surange attends chartering of ASHRAE Western India Chapter

  3. ISHRAE Pune’s Library Opening
    ISHRAE Pune’s Library Opening (1996)

    Arvind Surange along with other ISHRAE members inaugurates ISHRAE’s library in Pune

  4. Opening ceremony of ISHRAE, Pune – Rotary Club function
    Arvind Surange at opening ceremony of ISHRAE, Pune – Rotary Club function (1996)

    Joint function of ISHRAE, Pune and Rotary Club of Poona North being opened and lead by Mr. Arvind Surange, President ISHRAE Pune

  5. President of ISHRAE
    Arvind Surange takes over as President of ISHRAE, Pune (1996)

    Arvind Surange at ISHRAE Pune Installation Ceremony – Takes over as President

  6. Billy Mannings, R.V. Simha and Dr. Prem Jain
    Arvind Surange meets ASHRAE President in Delhi (1995)

    Arvind meets ASHRAE President Billy Mannings, R.V. Simha and Dr. Prem Jain in Delhi

  7. Establishes HVAC&R consultancy firm ACR Project Consultants
    Arvind Surange establishes HVAC&R consultancy firm ACR Project Consultants (1971)

    Arvind, the founder of ACR, starts a proprietary firm ACR Project Consultants