Our Regular Associates

Our Regular Associates
We have been associated with the persons below on a regular basis for various projects wherein we have provided 'Total Project Consultancy', including all building services, for various projects.

For Project Management Consultancy Services
  1. Mr. Sudhir Dabke, Impelpro Solutions

For Architectural / Structural Services
  1. Mr. Mohan Kelkar, Architect
  2. Mr. Chandrakant Godse, Structural Consultant
  3. Mr. Abhishek Aggrawal, Aggrawal Designers
  4. Mr. Jeet

For Electrical Services
  1. Mr. Sanjay Gandekar, Electrical Consultant
  2. Mr. Manohar Natekar, Electrical Consultant
  3. Mr. Prashant Inamdar, Electrical Consultant

For Other Project Specific Services
  1. Mr. T S Bhat, Hegde and Hegde, Architect, Hubli
  2. Mr. R S Hegde, Hegde and Hegde, Architect, Bangalore
  3. Mr. B V Nagesh, Structural Engineer, Bangalore
  4. Mr. Vaidya, Synergy Research, Market Research, Pune
  5. Mr. Virendra Gheware, Liasoning Consultant, Pune
Apart from the above, we have regular associates for refrigeration, air conditioning, food processing and handling, plumbing and sanitation, fire fighting, etc. with whom we deal on a regular basis for specific projects.


Harshal Surange

as esteemed speaker at Gujarat Cold Storage Owners Association Seminar in Lonavla